‘NATIONAL BRAND, SPEEDING HUAXIA’

                      On May 8th 2021, HUATIE MEDIA and XINHUANET National Brand Project jointly launched the special action of 'National Brand, Speeding HUAXIA' at the 2021 Brand Credit Construction Summit Forum.

                      This action is a strong cooperation of National Media Matrix and China High-Speed Railway Media Propagation Resources, which will further assist in China national brand enter the fast lane of double enhancement of brand communication ability and influence, effectively enhance brand value and expand effect of brand.

                      It multidimensional shows new concept, new experience and new appearance of national brand, actively promote international development of national brand according to multiple marketing advantages of China High-Speed Railway such as strong national strategic height, wider coverage ability, huge amount of passenger flow volume, accurate communication ability, regional osmosis ability and strong brand endorsement ability of High-Speed Railway Media. 

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